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Dr. Larry E. Beauchamp is the author of five books.  They are presented on this website for our purchase directly from the author; thus, saving 50% off the publisher's price.  You may go to www.publishamerica.com if you would prefer to order from them.  My fifth book, the paperback version of "The Way We Were...But Now!" is soon to be released.  The paperback version is the abbreviated version of the hardback and does not include Chapter 11 as this chapter will be published under a separate title "The Lights of the World."  It has not been submitted for publication yet.












     Dr. Beauchamp retired from the Air Force before entering the pastoral ministry.  While in the Air Force, he was a supply clerk, UNIVAC 1050-II mainframe computer operator, Air Force Recruiter and UNIVAC 1050-II mainframe computer operator instructor and supervisor.

     After basic training at Lackland AFB (San Antonio, Texas), he attended technical school at Amarillo, Texas.  His duty stations were Selfridge AFB (Mt. Clemons, Michigan); Wheelus AB (Tripoli, Lybia); Athenai AB (Athens, Greece); Mobile, Alabama (Recruiter); Taipei AB (Taipei, Taiwan); Dover AFB (Dover, Delaware); and Lowry AFB (Denver, Colorado). 

     He spent 22 years in the pastoral ministry with his last place of service being interim pastor of FBC Gordon, Alabama.  He served as pastor of Booneville Baptist Church (Atmore, Alabama); FBC Canoe (Canoe, Alabama); Damascus Baptist Church (Brewton, Alabama); Durant Chapel Baptist Church (Bay Minette, Alabama); Shiloh Baptist Church (Deer Park, Alabama); and FBC Gordon.  He served as Director of Education Ministries and Senior Adults for 3 years and Director of Family Ministries for 1 year at Woodridge Baptist Church (Mobile, Alabama). 

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